Movie 50/50 – Fight Club (1999)

Director: David Fincher

Starring: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter

Number 10 on the IMDb top 250.

It’s been about 5 months since I’ve done one of these features, but I’m incredibly happy that it is making a comeback! Rather than having the pressures of a set day, I will make sure I post one of them at least once a month (give or take!). So what is Movie 50/50 I hear you ask? Well basically, I flip a coin, heads is a movie from the IMDb top 250, and tails is a move from the bottom 250. I then use a random number generator to decide which film I will be watching. Housekeeping out the way, let’s crack on with this month’s movie!

It seems like a long time ago now that I first picked out Fight Club as the next Movie 50/50 choice; I remember at the time being super excited to watch it again, and I’m super excited now that I’ve finally got round to watching and writing about it!

Contrary to the first rule, we’re going to talk a hell of a lot about Fight Club! This movie is one which seems so deeply ingrained in popular culture that even if you have never seen the film, you probably understand the “rule reference”. It’s one of those films you probably know the ending of as it is so often talked about, even if you’ve never actually seen it. To put it simply, Fight Club is a modern day classic, which absolutely deserves it’s place so high up on the IMDb top 250 list.

Whilst very few things can compare to your first watch of Fight Club, it is one of those films which does get better and better with each watch. Where you lose the shock of the much talked about twist (which I won’t spoil on the off chance you haven’t seen it!), you gain so much more with repeated watches as you can look for and appreciate all the little details.

This film is stunning to look at, and for film nerds there’s tons of little easter eggs to look out for which adds an awesome extra layer. Fincher’s direction is dynamic and interesting, perfectly conveying the descent into madness in a beautiful yet gritty way. Also if you really want to see Jared Leto get punched in the face, you’ve come to the right place!

The performances are also wonderful. Edward Norton is absolutely electrifying, a completely mesmerising screen presence, and this film always serves to remind me just what an incredible actor he is. Brad Pitt is also amazing, and this may still be my favourite Pitt performance to date.

This is the kind of film that I love. The kind of film that leaves a lasting impression. The kind of film that demands you spend hours afterwards reading theories and explanations. The kind of film that only gets better the more you watch it, as you notice the subtle things that you didn’t before. The kind of film that needs to be experienced, whether you watch it for the first time, or whether you watch it for the 100th time, just watch it!

What are your thoughts on Fight Club? Let me know in the comments below, or send me a tweet!

The coin has been flipped (heads!) the number generated (166), so next month I will be watching… No Country for Old Men! YAAAAASSSSSS. Spoiler alert: I love No Country for Old Men! Don’t forget you can get involved and watch as well, using the hashtag #Movie5050. Send me your thoughts on this movie, or any of the others I have featured!


18 thoughts on “Movie 50/50 – Fight Club (1999)

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  1. I’m not the biggest fan of this one. That’s strange considering I love David Fincher. I also haven’t watched it in some years. You’ve inspired me to go back to it to see if I still feel the same way. Great review.

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  2. David Fincher was responsible for two of the greatest films of the 90s imo with Brad Pitt at the highest peak in his acting career too. I’m so going to get involved when you live tweet No Country for Old Men. I love that film to death!

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    1. Se7en is fantastic. Dark and compelling viewing, right up my street. And the ending has never left me it is a wonderful piece of writing and directing to get the emotion across. Definitely one of my favourite films.
      Fight Club is another great film, stylish and intense and with a great twist. As was mentioned earlier Brad Pitt is phenomenal in these films but also ably supported by Morgan Freeman and Edward Norton. Fincher really pushed the boat out and held nothing back with these and that’s the way it should be.

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      1. Totally agree. I love when directors push themselves and the stories to the limit and Fincher does that brilliantly. I would even mention Gone Girl as another classic example where he takes something dark and unnerving but can create something that is captivating.

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