Meet the Blogger

Hello, I am Sarah and this is my face…


So a little bit about me…I am a 20-something general nerd, glasses wearer and lover of all things film. I particularly love superhero movies, Star Wars, crappy rom-coms, and Disney. I also love tea, Nandos, and American Sports.

I started this site in July 2015, and I love reviewing films and sharing these views with like-minded people like your good selves!

I like to keep my reviews simple; I break it down into the good and the bad, and then tell you whether it is worth seeing or not! I absolutely love talking about movies, so please give me a follow on Twitter, and let’s get chatting…particularly if you disagree with me!

As well as reviews, there’ll be other random content and opinions on all things movie related.

As well as keeping things ticking over here, I also write for Jumpcut UK and Cineworld, so give those a look as well.

Hope you enjoy reading and getting involved! 🙂


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