Ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

Ahead of the UK release of Captain America: Civil War on 28th April, I've been rewatching all of the MCU movies so far, and thought, what better time than any to let you wonderful people know how I rank them! This list only includes the films considered part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is ranked... Continue Reading →

Ranking of Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains from Worst to Best

The Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly has no shortage of heroes, but what about the anti-heroes, or villains? Here's my ranking of the main MCU villains we have seen so far, ranked from worst to best. The Mandarin (Iron Man 3) Oh boy. Firstly, they ruined the Mandarin. Secondly, what a waste of Ben Kingsley’s talent.... Continue Reading →

Ant-Man Review: Small & Mighty

Director: Peyton Reed Starring: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll Please note, this review contains minor spoilers for the movie Ant-Man (including the mid and post-credits scenes, and some of the other films in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe). Ant-Man, the 12th film (Wow, seriously 12th film?!) in the Marvel Studios’ “Marvel Cinematic... Continue Reading →

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