The 7 Absolute Worst Things About Going to the Cinema

Nothing beats the experience of seeing a new blockbuster on the big screen, however there are a couple of things which really irritate us all about the shared movie experience.

I’ve included my own thoughts, plus some of your comments as well after I posed the question on my Facebook and Twitter.

Here are the 7 absolute worst things about the cinema (in no particular order)…

1. Phones


This one extends much further than just the annoying sound of a phone ringing in the middle of the film; which in itself is incredibly irritating. It also applies to people who get their phones out in the middle of the film to text. Turns out no matter how much you turn your brightness down, we can still see you, and that bright white light is incredibly annoying and distracting. I have also genuinely witnessed people answering their phones in the middle of the film and proceed to have a full blown conversation. If this is you, you’re ruining it for yourself and everyone else, so keep the phone in the pocket!







2. Babies

giphy (1)

Not to be confused with “children”. I have no problem with children’s quiet chatter in films, particularly if it is a film intended for children. What I do have a problem with is babies being brought to film screenings which are definitely not age appropriate. Sure, getting a sitter might be expensive, but I don’t think your screaming toddler is enjoying Jurassic World as much as you are; and if you insist on bringing them and they do start screaming, do the right thing and take them outside until they have calmed down.





3. Couples

giphy (2) I think you know where this is going. You know those couples who insist on making out for the entirety of the film, can’t possibly spend more than 10 seconds without talking, and worst of all think it is appropriate to have some (ahem) “private” time in a public place? Yep, they are just the worst.  It’s gross, inappropriate and damn rude. Here is a horror story from one of my friends to put you off sitting in the back row…ever: “Was in the last row before the back row and there was a very PDA couple…essentially he had his hands down her pants! I made a sarcastic comment about it, and they had the cheek to come up to me in the carpark afterwards to have a go…as if I was in the wrong!!!” 

4. Talkers 

Whispering something quickly to your friend is acceptable. Anything above a whisper is not, and the people who insist on talking over everything/ruining bits of the film/asking annoying questions, should just wait until the film comes out on DVD so everyone else can enjoy the film in peace.

5. Latecomers

giphy (3)

You know those times next to the film? Okay so those are the times the film starts. Most films have about 20-30 minutes of trailers, so if there is traffic or you can’t park, then you have a small window of opportunity where it is still acceptable to walk in. However, turning up a full hour late, missing a fairly important and sizeable chunk of the film and disrupting everyone else by squeezing past to get into your seat, is not cool! My favourite example of lateness is when I saw Pitch Perfect 2, and a couple walked in as the film had 5 minutes left. How does this happen?!

6. Allocated seats

I’m all for the allocated seating as long as everyone adheres to it. It’s simple, you book your ticket in advance, you choose where you want to sit and then you sit there. Rocking up and sitting wherever the hell you please, only to have to move again when the seat owners arrive is pointless and disruptive. You chose your seats, now sit there! The only exception to this is if it is a near empty theatre and your allocated seat happens to be next to a couple or group, maybe don’t sit right next to them when there are a plethora of other seats to choose from.



7. Noisy eaters

giphy (4)

Cinemas are partly to blame for this one, but why they only insist on selling the noisiest, crunchiest foods is beyond me! There’s nothing like a quiet dramatic moment in a film being ruined with a CRUNCH.


Noisy Food

Here’s some other responses from Facebook and Twitter:










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Over to you! What things do you hate about going to the cinema? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “The 7 Absolute Worst Things About Going to the Cinema

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  1. Talkers are literally the worst. It’s a real problem at the theatre too. Another pet hate is people with ridiculous laughs – has no one ever told them that their laugh is annoying before?!


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