Changes, updates, and new things!

Hey everyone! So I feel like there’s lots of things I need to update on, but in reality as I carry on typing this it will probably seem like less of a big deal, but we’re here now and the title of this post has lead you to believe there’s some changes, updates and new things to tell you. So let’s crack on!

I have now created a dedicated Facebook page so that I can post all of my reviews and articles in one place. It’ll mostly be the reviews and posts from this site, but I’ll also share the reviews I write for JumpCut UK, the articles I write for Cineworld and any future guest podcasting appearances I make! Please give this page a like, and share with your friends. Otherwise I’m essentially just talking to myself…which I do anyway, but let’s not make this more awkward!

Due to a huge new project which is launching on this blog very soon (you’ll read more about that in a minute!), I am sadly going to be shelving my Movie 50/50 feature for now. It’s been a lot of fun watching some of the best and worst films from the appropriate IMDb lists, and sharing my thoughts on these, but due to this new project, I fear there may end up being a lot of crossover. It might make a glorious comeback one day, but for now, it is no more!

This brings us onto the most exciting news, and I have very much saved the best until last! I had a big idea to start a retrospective reviews project, and getting some of my fellow film bloggers from the online film community involved in this. Well, it is now very much a thing that is happening! I’ve assembled a crack team of some of the best writers, and we’re going to have a different topic or theme each month, which will be decided by a poll posted out on my Twitter. It’ll be fun film reviews, chosen by the fans, written by fans, and it’s coming your way in November, so stay tuned!

I think that is everything for now…I am currently trying to be a bit more active on snapchat, so do follow me on there (sarah_buddery) for some 10 second reviews, lots of coffee drinking, and dog ear filters. For other places to find me on the Interwebs, you can find out here.

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for being awesome!

Sarah x



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