Looking back on… Up

Up (2009)
Directed by: Pete Docter & Bob Peterson

Starring: Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai, Bob Peterson
Written by Shona
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Spoilers ahead.

‘Up’ may be one of the best Disney movies out there, and no I’m not being over dramatic. Well maybe a little. ‘Up’ was a movie I went to watch in the cinema and I absolutely cried like a baby. If you haven’t seen this movie, why not? It is amazing, and I promise you, here and now I will tell you all the reasons you need to see it!

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‘Up’ follows the story of Carl and Ellie who are childhood sweethearts and live their lives happily together until Ellie dies (oh, spoiler). Ellie always wanted to live on the edge of this huge cliff overlooking a place called Paradise Falls. Carl wants to make this a reality when he is told that he has to move as his house is going to be demolished. He flies away using hundreds of balloons but finds a stowaway in the form of Russell.

Russell is a young Wilderness Explorer earning his badges. At first Carl is not happy with this companionship but soon comes around and allows Russell to join him. Along the way they meet exciting and random characters including Kevin a colourful, flightless bird and Dug, a golden retriever that can talk. Dug has a master, Charles Muntz, who has been searching for the giant bird now known as Kevin.

Soon Carl feels like giving up on his adventure until a little message from Ellie spurs him onwards (I won’t tell you this little detail because it is the most memorable moment of the film). Carl soon manages to get his home on the edge of the cliff right where Ellie wanted it and Russell earns his final badge, a special one from Ellie and Carl.

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This movie isn’t just about adventure but also about friendship, life after death and the thought that you are never too old to do something you set your mind to. This movie has something for all ages despite it being a children’s movie. It has the comedy side for kids as well as the beautiful love story for the adults. I’m sure when it came out millions of children were asking ‘mummy, why are you crying? It is a beautifully told story with even more stunning visuals. The computer animation on this movie is ridiculously beautiful, especially all the balloons.

If you haven’t seen this movie I urge you to. There are so many wonderful layers to it and the overall story is one that will stay with you for years afterwards. Even now, people still wish for a love story like Carl and Ellie’s.

What do you think of ‘Up’?

Until next time…


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