Best F(r)iends (2017) – Review

The Overview
When a drifter (Greg Sestero) is taken in by a peculiar mortician (Tommy Wiseau), the two hatch an underground enterprise off the back of the mortician’s old habits. But greed, hatred, and jealousy soon come in turn, and their efforts unravel, causing the drifter to run off with the spoils and leaving the mortician adrift. An expedition across the South West introduces wild and crazy characters through a series of twisted and dark foibles as both men learn a valuable lesson about friendship and loyalty. (Source: IMDb)

The Good
For those who have perhaps been living under a rock, or are as yet to experience the true genius of Wiseau and Sestero’s first film together, 2017/18 could be about to change that. With the upcoming release of The Disaster Artist – the adaptation of the book of the same name written by Sestero – poised to be a genuine Oscar contender (you heard that here first!), the world is about to become reacquainted with the masterpiece that is The Room.

A genuine cult sensation, The Room sells out screenings worldwide. Its rabid fan-base, armed with plastic cutlery and their witty heckles, turn out in their droves to see this film, over and over again. Now some 14 years later, the incomparable Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are back with the intriguingly titled Best F(r)iends (friends or fiends – will we ever know?!).

For those who perhaps doubted whether the “lightning in a bottle” orchestrated chaos of The Room could be replicated, the answer is of course no, but Best F(r)iends is still a roaring success, and easily pleases fans of The Room, including me!

From the moment Sestero and Wiseau appear on screen together again, the flame is lit once again and it is a pure joy to watch them together. Straight-laced Sestero and wacky Wiseau are a dynamite pairing that feed off each other perfectly and strike the perfect balance between them.

The story goes from the ridiculous, to the sort-of-normal, to the sublimely insane, to the bonafide bizarre genius, never taking itself too seriously and being the perfect amount of self-deprecating. I had worried that it might rest on The Room too much, and whilst there are moments which will absolutely delight the hardcore masses, there is enough subtlety to it that it never feels overly brazen in its references.

This is easily the funniest film I’ve seen this year, and it is impossible not to be charmed by Wiseau and Sestero. There is an undeniable magic when they’re on screen together, and where the movie veers wildly from body horror, to buddy comedy, to heist/crime caper and everything in between, their relationship keeps it totally grounded.

The Bad
I mean really, nothing can go here! You know exactly what you’re getting with this movie, and it delivers it in all aspects.

The Verdict

I saw this movie and you should too. I can’t pretend this movie will be a great entry point to those who haven’t experienced The Room, but to those who have, you will LOVE this movie. There’s a scene involving a birthday cake which is worth the admission price alone, and the ending is one of the most hilariously insane things I have ever seen. It might be hard for me to look at this film without a biased view as I am an unashamed fan of The Room, but as a fan, this was exactly the film I wanted and I cannot wait to see more…

You can read my interview with Greg Sestero, chatting all things Best F(r)iends and more, right here


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    1. Actually no. I don’t earn a cent from writing my reviews and that’s fine. I write because I love to write and I love films, including this one. As a fan of The Room, this movie was everything I wanted as a fan and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact you think someone can’t hold an opinion on something without being paid to think it is ridiculous. You think that Tommy would stoop to paying people for reviews is both offensive to him, me, and the people who poured their heart and soul into making something which will absolutely delight the select audience who cherish The Room.

      As Mark would say, “leave your stupid comments in your pocket!”


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