The Complete Guide to The Hunger Games

This week’s post is a guest blog courtesy of the awesome Nikki Knight! Nikki loves Lego, Star Wars, all things nerdy, and as you’ll soon gather from this blog, The Hunger Games! Ahead of the release of the final film in The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay Part 2, Nikki looks at the previous films, and... Continue Reading →

Product Placement in the Movies!

Today's blog comes courtesy of the wonderful Jake Potter!   Jake is a Marketing Manager and loves the 3 M's; marketing, musicals and Meryl Streep. You can find Jake on twitter; for amusing gifs and random ramblings follow his personal account @shakey_jakey4, and for all things marketing follow @marketingguy_UK. He also writes his own awesome marketing blog which... Continue Reading →

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