Movie 50/50 is coming…

Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you about an exciting new feature which is coming to ‘I Saw a Movie’ on the 7th September 2015.

The idea is simple: I flip a coin, and the outcome determines whether I’ll watch a good film (based on the IMDB Top 250), or a terrible film (based on the IMDB Bottom 250). Heads = good, tails = bad. Once the coin has decided my fate, I will use a random number generator so there will be no hand-picking what I watch!
The reviews will be a bit more informal than my normal reviews, and they probably won’t have a rating as I think it’s safe to assume the ones in the top 250 will be worth seeing and the ones in the bottom 100 definitely won’t be!

It’d be great if you got involved as well – I’ll post up on my Twitter which film I’ll be watching a few weeks in advance, so if you wanted to watch as well and share your thoughts, that’d be great!

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check out my other reviews and articles too!


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