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Hi everyone!

First of all, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog since I started it in July! It started as a fun side project for myself as I love films and love writing, and this seemed like a good way to combine the two. I’ve been overwhelmed by how many people seemed to love my ramblings, so thank you for all the likes, shares, comments and other feedback, it is really appreciated!

Special thank you to the people who have proofed my reviews (Jake, Steph, Keren, Jimmy and Sonay), the wonderful guest bloggers who have already written things for me, or who will be very soon (Joey, Matt, Jake, Nikki and Sasha), and Alex ( who designed my beautiful header image!

Oscar acceptance speech out the way, I am super excited to introduce a new monthly feature for I Saw A Movie. By now you’ll be used to the random film content I post on Mondays, the monthly Movie 50/50 feature, and the weekly Wednesday reviews. I will now be expanding to post on Fridays as well (once a month), and here is what you can look forward to reading…

“You haven’t seen…?!”

I absolutely love films as you might have gathered, but there are so many films I haven’t seen yet, some of which might even surprise you! On the first Friday of the month, I will be talking about a film I have never seen before which I really should’ve. The first post will be about The Matrix, which shockingly I watched for the first time yesterday (4th November 2015)! This feature will launch on the 4th December. Any suggestions for films I could feature, please tweet me (@sarah_buddery) with your ideas!


Hopefully you’re looking forward to reading this just as much as I am looking forward to writing it! As always please get in touch if you have any feedback, if you have any ideas for future features, or of course if you would like to guest blog for me! Once again thanks so much for reading!

Sarah 🙂


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