Top 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Performances

He finally picked up the much-deserved Best Actor Oscar for The Revenant at last nights Oscars, so I thought what better time than any to look back on my favourite DiCaprio performances. 
What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below. 

5. The Wolf of Wall Street

A recent role for Leo and one that indefinitely proves that enough charisma and charm can make the 3 hours story of one man’s very hedonistic life, a funny, frenetic and fast-paced thrill ride. The now infamous scene where he takes a few too many out of date “ludes”, required exceptional physicality, and he pulls it off so well. 
4. Catch Me If You Can

I adore this film, and it is astonishing how well the baby-faced 28 year old Leo is able to pull off portraying the 16 year old real-life conman, Frank Abagnale Jr. Despite being a true story, parts of it seem completely unbelievable, but DiCaprio with his trademark charm and impeccable timing make this a fantastic watch. 
3. The Revenant

It’s wonderful that this performance is receiving all the recognition it deserves, because what Leo is able to achieve in this film is mind-blowing. With approximately 12 lines of dialogue and a weighty 160 minute film to carry, there is an awful lot on Leo’s shoulders, but if you can rely on anyone to get the job done, it’s DiCaprio. It’s one of the most remarkable physical performances to date and ignoring the extraordinary lengths he went to in the authenticity, this is a wonderful performance that is worth celebrating, and absolutely awards worthy. 
2. The Departed

Now I have huge amounts of bias as this film is one of my favourite films of all time, but that aside Leo’s subtle performance is one of the real highlights for me. In a star studded cast in a story filled with double-crossing and red herrings, DiCaprio remains steady throughout, and watching the struggle he goes through as the stress of working undercover gets to him is remarkable stuff. He also pulls off the Boston accent alongside native Bostonians to sheer perfection. 
1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape 

I first saw this film about 12 years ago in the after school film club I went to; yep I was a film nerd even back then! I think I’ve maybe watched this film once since then, but something about this performance really stuck with me. Playing someone who is severely mentally disabled is a difficult ask for anyone, but the young DiCaprio plays it to absolute perfection. He manages to be funny, heart-breaking and beautifully naïve and is easily the best thing about this otherwise average film. You were an Oscar winner to me way back then Leo! 
Honourable mentions to: Shutter Island, Inception, Blood Diamond


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