Bowie (2016) Review

In the year that David Bowie sadly passed away aged 69, Screenbound Pictures presents this new documentary titled Bowie: The Man Who Changed the World. Indeed as the title might suggest, this documentary is an overview of all the areas in which Bowie had influence, including music, performance, fashion, culture, art and sex.

The things I found most interesting were the various talking head interviews from people who knew Bowie, both in his personal life, and through his music. Their insight was fascinating, and really helped paint a picture of the man behind the various masks.

It does a great job of conveying the excitement and creativity that came with Bowie’s incredible career in music, and his unending ability to reinvent himself time and time again. There’s some great archive footage of some fans who would dress as various “Bowie’s” to attend his concerts, which I found wonderfully charming.

Indeed, this documentary could’ve done with more things like this. The narrative structure is a little all over the place at times, and there doesn’t seem to be enough clips of Bowie performing, or showcasing his amazing songs. For someone who had such an unparalleled impact on the world of music, I feel that this documentary maybe doesn’t do the best job at putting this across.

For me, this documentary didn’t break any new ground, and hardened fans might come away with nothing more than some warm nostalgia, but for beginners, this is a great overview of Bowie and the staggering impact he had on so many different things.

Upon finishing the documentary, I couldn’t fail to feel the impact Bowie had upon music, art, fashion, and pretty much everything else he touched. As it takes you right up to his death, it once again reminded me of that horrible emptiness I felt when I heard that he had passed. David Bowie was one of a kind, and watching this immediately made me want to listen to his music again, to appreciate his genius. Definitely one to check out both for fans and newcomers. Let’s Dance!

You can purchase this film, find out more information, and browse the rest of Screenbound’s releases right here.


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