Movie News Round-Up (21-27 May)

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the latest in movie news and stories from this week!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

The Mighty Cast!

Not to be outdone by the Black Panther solo movie, Thor: Ragnarok has added some real heavyweights to its casting including, Creed star Tessa Thompson, Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban, and Jeff Goldblum. Straightaway this has boosted the next Thor installment higher up my list in terms of anticipated Marvel movies, and I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster!

Tale as old as time…

The highly anticipated live-action remake of Disney classic Beauty and the Beast finally had it’s first teaser trailer this week. Now, any remake of a Disney film immediately fills me with trepidation, because they just mean so much to so many people. There’s good signs though, the cast is great, and original composer Alan Menken is back to score the new film. The music in the teaser gave me chills, so I’m particularly pleased about this fact! Aesthetically it looks absolutely beautiful, but there’s not too much more to comment on just yet.

Keaton back in talks for Homecoming

In the ongoing “will he, won’t he” saga relating to Michael Keaton’s rumoured appearance in the Spider-Man solo movie Homecoming, the pendulum seems to be swinging back to “will he?”. However I refuse to get excited again, because this will probably have changed entirely by the time I get round to writing next week’s news installment!

Just keep swimmin’

So if you’re or a regular reader of my blogs, or you know me in real life, then you will already know that one of my favourite films of all time is Finding Nemo. You will be correct in assuming that I am very excited for this film, in fact I put it at #1 on my most anticipated films of the year list. Now, my excitement levels have in no way levelled, however, perhaps controversially, I have not been blown away by any of the trailers for this so far. Every clip I have seen, and every trailer has just seemed a bit too familiar. There are so many moments that genuinely look like they have been frame for frame taken from the first film. I’m now more nervous than I would like to be for this film, although still very much looking forward to seeing it. As many people have pointed out, it is just a movie, and it won’t be world ending if it isn’t good, but I think only those really close to me know just how much Finding Nemo means to me and therefore my reaction is probably justified! We shall wait and see…

John Carpenter back for new Halloween movie

Horror fans everywhere were rejoicing with the news that John Carpenter would be returning to produce, and possibly score, a new film in the Halloween franchise. Later offerings were not met with the most favourable reviews, but most people seem to be pretty happy with this news. Now, horror is not my bag at all so I don’t have too much to comment on with this story, but I’m certainly keen to see who they’ll choose to direct this one. The horror genre has certainly been patchy in recent years, so hopefully the revival of this popular franchise will inject some life back into it.

The name is Bond…

The James Bond rumour mill is in full swing! In addition to the names mentioned last week, Billy Elliot actor Jamie Bell has now been thrown into the mix, but there was also some rumours about a female Bond! This seems to just be coming from the internet at the moment, but Gillian Anderson’s name has been mentioned, but personally I’m behind #BluntForBond and would love to see Emily Blunt in the role if it is to be a woman. Needless to say the Internet has LOTS of thoughts on this! Let me know who you’d like as the next Bond in the comments below!

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