Most Anticipated Films of 2016

With awards season rapidly approaching, and some big releases coming very soon, I thought it was only right to take a look at the films coming up in 2016 and count down the 10 I am most looking forward to. They won’t all be “awards worthy” but that doesn’t necessarily make a film great. These... Continue Reading →

Ranking the Pixar Movies from Worst to Best

As Pixar have just released their 16th film (The Good Dinosaur, out in UK cinemas November 27th), I thought it only fitting that I looked back on the previous 15 films which made them the undisputed leaders in computer animation. Ever since Toy Story in 1995 (it celebrated it’s 20th anniversary a few weeks ago;... Continue Reading →

Pixar Shorts: Top 10

So you’re probably familiar with Pixar. In their collaborations with Disney, they’ve made some of the best animated feature films of the last two decades, including Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E and Rataouille. However, long before they were making feature length films, Pixar made some incredible short films - something which they have continued to... Continue Reading →

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